Desperate Causey Campaign Hit’s Veterans and Military Families

“Causey Needs to Apologize to Veterans and Military Families Everywhere”

Jonesboro –  Washington lackey turned Congressional Candidate Chad Causey’s campaign is spending today trying to run damage control on a series of public polls showing him trailing Army Veteran and Small Businessman Rick Crawford.

Yesterday, in an apparent attempt to show why a 10 year Washington Insider might have a chance against a conservative small businessman in the race for congress Causey’s pollster released a memo in which they revealed that they polled the fact that Crawford spent his youth as a “Air Force Brat” and graduated from high school in New Hampshire.

From the Memo Released by Chad Causey’s Pollster:

Facts about Rick Crawford that do not resonate with Arkansans:

-He graduated high school in New Hampshire.

Crawford Campaign Manager Jonah Shumate commented, “This is truly sad and Chad Causey needs to apologize to veterans and their families everywhere. Rick’s father spent his career protecting this country and now Chad Causey thinks that because his son was part of a military family that should be used as some sort of political attack. That is the kind of cynical and wanton disrespect that only a Washington insider would show to military families. This is a sad development, but at the end of the day the voters of this district will understand the difference between someone who wants to serve their interests and serve this country as opposed to continuing Chad’s record of serving Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama”.