Causey Needs to be Honest About 9/11 Mosque and Nancy Pelosi

Jonesboro – The Campaign of Congressional Candidate Rick Crawford has again asked Democrat Chad Causey to tell us whether or not he stands with his liberal leaders Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on building a Mosque just blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks. This repeated call for honesty from Causey comes the day after Nancy Pelosi called for an investigation into those who are standing against building the proposed Mosque at ground zero.

“Chad Causey has worked in Washington hand-in-hand with Nancy Pelosi and her liberal leadership for more than 10 years. Now that he’s running for Congress he needs to let the people of Arkansas’ First district know where he stands. It’s inexcusable that he hasn’t stood up against those that would seek to build a Mosque where thousands of Americans were murdered. We are taking this opportunity to ask him again to be straight with those he seeks to represent. If he can’t do it on a clear issue like this, how can we expect him to be a leader in Congress?” asked Crawford Campaign Manager Jonah Shumate.
The proposed Mosque has been a hotly-debated issue nationwide with leaders from both parties condemning the project due to its complete insensitivity to those who lost their loved ones at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Shumate continued “Chad Causey’s first vote in Congress would be for Nancy Pelosi. It’s sad that he hasn’t been elected yet and he is already kowtowing to their liberal leadership. Arkansas deserves better!  That’s why Rick Crawford is the clear choice for those who want a congressman who will stand up to the Obama-Pelosi agenda.”