National Defense PAC Endorses Crawford

Says Opponent Should Be Soundly Defeated for Disrespectful Assault on Veterans and Military Families

Jonesboro-Today in the wake of the revelation that Chad Causey and his campaign insulted veterans and military families, national defense groups are resoundingly chastising Causey for his show of disrespect to those who serve in the armed forces.  Causey’s insinuation that those in military families are 2nd class citizens is a sad statement from anyone, but especially from a congressional candidate.

-From the National Defense PAC Press Release-

“Rick Crawford grew up in a military family where his father served in the United States Air Force.  During that time, Rick had the opportunity to live all over the United States and overseas.  Rick graduated high school from Alvirne High School in Hudson, New Hampshire.  Due to his father’s service in the Air Force, his opponent is saying that Rick is not fit to serve as a congressman from Arkansas because he did not graduate from high school in Arkansas.  This is the kind of desperate and disrespectful attitude toward military service that Rick’s Arkansas challenger has shrunk to.  This is a slap in the face to any veteran’s son or daughter that was born or educated outside the state where they choose to run for congress in the future.   The fact their parent was a patriotic service member that deployed wherever the country sent them should not be a negative for any congressional candidate.  Rick’s opponent should be soundly defeated for this outrageous and disrespectful assault based on the consequences of military service.”