US Chamber of Commerce Endorses Rick Crawford

“Pro Business Group’s Endorsement Continues to Build Crawford’s Main Street Momentum”

Jonesboro – Today, the United States Chamber of Commerce added it’s sought after endorsement to the long list of respected groups and leaders that have thrown their support behind Rick Crawford’s campaign for Congress.

In a letter Chamber President Tom Donohue stated; “It is the Chambers goal to elect a pro-business Congress and work diligently in the interests of businesses large and small to advance legislation that encourages economic growth, job creation, and a less intrusive federal government Your support of pro-business issues earned this endorsement.”

The US Chamber of Commerce represents more than 3 million US businesses across the United States, 96% of which have fewer than 100 employees.

Crawford added, “This is another great endorsement and I am honored to have this great organizations support. As a small business owner I know how important it is that we protect and defend our small business community in the first district. As the first districts representative I will not rest when it comes to advocating for our Arkansas business’s by extending the small business taxes cuts and repealing ObamaCare.”